Australian Early Development Census

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    2015 AEDC
    success – more than 96% of schools participate
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  • Helping shape the future and wellbeing of Australian children
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We aim to support communities to bring
long-term benefits to children and their families

Early Childhood Development

The AEDC can support early childhood educators as they play their crucial role in shaping children's development

Census for school starters

Teachers of children in their first year of school complete an Early Development Instrument for every child in their class

Data collection and analysis

Australia’s only census of children in their early years provides a map of developmental outcomes


The AEDC findings can support communities and schools as they play their part in helping children get off to a good start

Key findings

Evidence about children's wellbeing in the early years 2012 report
  • 289,973 Children assessed
    The number of children we assessed in their first year of full-time school in 2012, compared with 261,147 in 2009
  • 4 in 5 On track
    The number of children (78%) found to be developmentally on-track in 2012 compared to 74% in 2009
  • 6 in 10 Indigenous children
    The number of Indigenous children who are developmentally on-track in 2012, compared to five in 10 in 2009
  • 561 Communities
    The number of communities with an individual profile of AEDC results in 2012