Resources for teachers and principals

Resources for teachers and principals

An update on the 2015 AEDC data collection

The 2015 AEDC data collection has now come to a close, with more than 300,000 children included in this year’s census. The high response rate demonstrates the strong support received from schools and parents and is also indicative of the value placed on the AEDC in improving early childhood education policy in Australia.

School ​Profiles and School Summaries have been released and principals ​can now access these via the secure website.

For help with post-collection invoicing issues, please contact the AEDC Helpdesk.

Information for schools

Schools have a significant role to play in the early years. Current policy for schools reflects this, such as the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians and the National Education Agreement.

The AEDC provides evidence to support governments that are focused on investing in the early years. In recognising the value of the early years, governments have incorporated early childhood development outcomes into broader federal policies for school education, health, community and family services, disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and housing.

The AEDC provides data for governments to plan and map universal and targeted initiatives to meet the varying developmental needs of children across Australia. Policy makers can use research generated from AEDC data to develop initiatives that are effective and responsive to the needs of Australian children now.

For monitoring and evaluation, the AEDC can provide a national progress measure on the state of children’s development across Australia.

The AEDC provides important contextual information about children arriving at school to support schools in completing their School Annual Report.

About the resources for schools

The resources in this page are intended specifically for schools. It includes printable documents and videos providing information on how schools can use the AEDC data to further early childhood development across Australia.

Other AEDC publications and resources are available elsewhere on this site; and most can be accessed directly from the Resources menu at the top of the page.

Resources for teachers and principals

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