2021 AEDC national conference

2021 AEDC national conference

2021 AEDC National Conference

Select presentations and Key Learnings from the National Conference are now available

The 2021 AEDC National Conference program and some selected presentations are available below. A summary of key learnings from the Conference can be accessed here.

The 2021 National AEDC conference ​was the third national conference to bring together a broad range of professionals to improve the lives of children and families across Australia. In 2021, the National AEDC conference showcased what communities, educators, researchers, and policy makers have learned from four national collections and how those lessons can shape our responses to current challenges. The 2021 AEDC National Conference explored what is driving trends over time, what we have learned from interrogating the data, and how the data has shaped what we do to ensure all children in Australia have opportunities to grow, learn and thrive.

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2021 AEDC National Conference Handbook

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2021 AEDC National Conference Presentations

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