Researcher responsibilities

Researcher responsibilities

Access to AEDC data, particularly unpublished data, must be for appropriate use consistent with the principles outlined in the AEDC Data Guidelines.

Appropriate uses of AEDC data include:

  • research in relation to early childhood development
  • informing schools on potential improvements to existing practice
  • informing the development and evaluation of national, state and community priorities, programs and policies, through statistical analysis and publication of information about the early development of children.

The AEDC is not intended to identify individuals or evaluate schools, nor is it designed or intended to produce diagnostic data or measures about the status or performance of individual children, classes, teachers or schools. Any individual or organisation found to be using AEDC data for purposes other than those shown may have approvals to access AEDC data restricted or removed.

This section outlines responsibilities of the Data User, focusing on: