The forms listed below are required for data application and reporting purposes.

Macrodata ​Application Form

An AEDC Macrodata Application form should be completed for any customised summary data access request. Applicants are required to submit a sample table in Excel format with the application.

All organisations, except for government agencies, should submit the standard AEDC Macrodata application form. A designated ‘Government only – AEDC Macrodata Form’ is available for government agencies seeking AEDC macrodata.

Microdata and ​Data ​Linkage ​Application Form

The AEDC Microdata Application Form contains the data variables available to Applicants. This form should be submitted when requesting deidentified unit record data, including microdata for data linkage purposes.  

All Applicants, including government agencies, must fill in the Microdata Application Form in order to request microdata. 

Amendment Form

An Amendment Form must be submitted if any aspect of the project changes after the project is approved. These include changes to the proposed project, details of Data Users, research and publication plan, and variables requested.

This form is also used to request extensions to project end dates. Extensions of more than three months can only be granted if the project has valid Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approvals.  

Annual/ Final ​Report Form 

An Annual/ Final Report Form is required to report on the progress of projects requesting data via applications. Multi-year projects must provide a short, summary progress report annually at a date determined during the data release process.

When a project’s data analysis and publication writing has been completed (or the project is abandoned or terminated), Data Users are required to submit a Final Report Form.

Secure ​Data ​Destruction Form

A Secure Data Destruction Form must be submitted to confirm that the AEDC data has been destroyed at the conclusion of the research.

Adverse Event ​Form 

An Adverse Event Form must be submitted in the case of an adverse event. These include any unforeseen or unexpected event that results in having negative impacts on key stakeholders of the AEDC, including the AEDC Data Custodian, states and territory governments, as well as the children, teachers and schools that participate in the collection.

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