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Minister's message on the release of the 2015 AEDC results

Mar 09, 2016

Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham Minister for Education and Training

The latest Early Development Census has been released and while it shows signs of improvement in areas like literacy and numeracy, it also tells us there is work that we all need to do to give young Australians the best possible start.

The results of the Census are available on this website at and I encourage every teacher, every policy maker, government and family to use it as a tool to get into the detail of where our children are doing well, and where they need more support.

Results like those in this latest report are why the Turnbull Government’s investment in early childhood education and care over the next four years will be almost $40 billion – including more than $3 billion extra to ensure the system is more accessible, affordable and fairer for families.  This is the single largest investment in early learning and child care that this country has ever seen. We have also committed $843 million over the next two years to guarantee Federal support for 15 hours of quality preschool education for children in the year before school.

What is also important is that parents are involved and active in their child’s learning. The Turnbull Government has focused so strongly on parental engagement as we all know that families and carers are some of the key influences on a child’s education.

AEDC data is highly valuable for schools in their planning of transition and early years programmes. The data can also support communities and governments to pinpoint the services and resources that young children and their families need. 

The wealth of information gathered over the three collections since 2009 will mean more reliable data to help refine programmes so we can all better meet the needs of children and families, when and where it counts.

I encourage you to use the tools and resources available on the AEDC website to access the AEDC data at a national, state and community level.

Simon Birmingham

Minister for Education and Training