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Revised AEDC Data Guidelines released

Mar 14, 2017

The AEDC Data Guidelines have been updated to provide greater clarity on how AEDC data can be accessed and the data management practices that must be complied with once access has been granted.

A major change from previous Guidelines is the inclusion of a more in-depth publication section that clearly explains the various AEDC Publication Rules data users must comply with when publishing results of AEDC data. To assist data users, examples have been included that demonstrate how to apply the rules.  

The Guidelines have been updated to outline the three types of AEDC indicators, including the newly developed Multiple Strengths Indictor (MSI).

The background information about AEDC has been updated to include information about the recent revisions to the AEDC geography and how AEDC data can be compared across cycles.

The revised AEDC Data Guidelines provide comprehensive information on:

  • AEDC indicators
  • the different types of AEDC data
  • how AEDC data can be accessed
  • the data application process and things to consider when applying
  • AEDC charging practices
  • publication and reporting responsibilities of data users
  • data storage and handing requirements
  • data privacy issues.

All AEDC data users are advised to review the updated AEDC Data Guidelines to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities for managing the data. A range of other data access resources have also been revised to ensure they align with the updated Guidelines and are more user friendly. These include updates to the AEDC website’s data management content to be more relevant to general data users, and a revised AEDC Data Dictionary and application forms.

All data management documents can now be accessed from the new Data Users web page