What the AEDC means for Researchers

The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is a full-population census of children's health and development in their first year of full-time school.

The AEDC datasets provide an unparalleled coverage of this group, with national participation in excess of 96 per cent in all three collections to date.

Researchers are using the AEDC data to answer questions about sub-population as well as population issues and many are using the AEDC to link to other health and education data sets.

AEDC research is contributing to policy, planning, service delivery and academic debates.

In 'Researchers' section:
  • Accessing AEDC data
    Applications can be made for AEDC Microdata (unit record files) or AEDC Macrodata. Detailed information about the application process is provided for both types of data requests.
  • Research projects
    The AEDC has been used in a wide range of projects by research teams across Australia. To encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas, information on projects using AEDC data is available on request for interested researchers, policy makers and program providers.