Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Resources for early childhood educators 

Resources developed by Queensland Government for the early childhood sector

The Queensland Department of Education and Training has worked with Early Childhood Australia to develop a suite of AEDC resources to support the critical work of the early childhood sector and their communities in providing the best developmental opportunities for children. This comprehensive suite of resources includes videos and printable documents that provide information about the strong links between the AEDC, the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework as well as examples of how early childhood providers have used the data.

Resources developed by the Centre for Community Child Health 

Policy Briefs, published by the Centre for Community Child Health, also offer insight into research evidence to guide policy and practice in early childhood development. 

Early Childhood Resource Hub

The Early Childhood Resource Hub (ECRH) provides easy access to a range of early childhood resources, including a digital library and forums for discussion, information on national standards and the latest news to stay informed on key developments in the early childhood sector.

Register for free with the ECRH and access over 300 digital resources, including:

  • Videos
  • E-newsletters
  • Templates
  • Articles
  • Research and policies
  • Learning packages and how-to-guides
  • Case studies and fact sheets

Additional resources 

Additional AEDC resources t​o support the early childhood education sector include:

  • AEDC ​User ​Guide - Early Childhood Sector
  • Early Childhood sector messages

These documents are available in PDF, as well as accessible text versions, and can be downloaded from the table below.

Fact sheets

About the fact sheets 

AEDC fact sheets provide a wealth of useful information about ​many aspects of the programme. 

Fact sheets available in this section include:

  • About the 2012 AEDI collection
  • About the AEDC – School Pack fact sheet
  • About the AEDC data collection
  • About the AEDC domains
  • About the AEDI
  • AEDC Early Development Instrument and response criteria
  • Brain development in children
  • Completing the AEDC for Indigenous children - Teacher Pack fact sheet
  • Early Childhood sector messages
  • Information for parents
  • Information for schools
  • Language diversity and the AEDI
  • Privacy statement
  • Researchers
  • Summary of the 2012 AEDI results
  • Supporting effective policy and planning​
  • Understanding AEDI community boundaries
  • Understanding the results

These documents are available in PDF, as well as accessible text versions, and can be downloaded from the table below.

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