Summary data or macrodata contain aggregated unit record information. AEDC macrodata is available in a range of formats to support academic, research or organisational work on policies, planning and service delivery. Macrodata can be provided as tables, reports or profiles.

Publicly available AEDC macrodata is free to access from the AEDC website, and does not require an application. These include:

  • National Reports
  • Community Profiles
  • Community summary tables, maps and graphs
  • Fact sheets
  • Research snapshots.   

The above resources provide high-level data. More customised and tailored macrodata, summary information and reports can be requested upon application. 

Applying for macrodata

Prior to submitting an application, Data Users are encouraged to read the AEDC Data Guidelines and AEDC Data Dictionary

  1. Data User discusses the customised macrodata request with AEDC Support. Assistance is provided to ensure the macrodata application is compliant and the best data outputs are requested to meet the project’s objectives . Australian, state, territory and local government agencies seeking Macrodata should use the ‘Government-only’ Macrodata application form.
  2. Data User submits application along with sample table(s) for review and approval.
  3. Following approval, a quote is provided to the applicant, and an invoice is issued on acceptance of the quote.
  4. Upon payment, data is produced and released to the applicant following quality checks.