Access under agreement

Access under agreement

To ensure optimal access and use of AEDC data, the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment has in place a number of agreements with government agencies, school systems and key organisations. These agreements prescribe the type of access and use of AEDC data.

Please note:

  • staff of an agency or organisation that has received AEDC data under an agreement, should initially contact their nominated AEDC Data Manager when seeking access to AEDC data. The nominated ​Data Manager will assess if the AEDC data received under the agreement is able to fulfil the requirements of the request or research project​ and advise if the agreement allows for the intended use of the data (e.g. internal policy analysis or production of a public report)

  • AEDC data products provided under an agreement (e.g. deidentified Microdata files) are only allowed to be used by staff of the receiving organisation who are the Authorised Data User or Permitted Data Users. Access to data products cannot be provided to any individuals or organisations outside of the organisation that the agreement is held with, unless it is to a service provider to fulfil a contractual obligation. Hence, it is not acceptable to share AEDC data with stakeholders or other government agencies without prior agreement with the Department

  • any publications that use AEDC data accessed under an agreement must comply ​with the Publication Rules outlined in section 7 of the AEDC Data Guidelines

Organisations that have access to AEDC data under agreements, and their nominated Data Managers, are listed below:


Organisational Delegate (Authorised Data User)

Organisational Data Manager

Organisational Data Manager Contact

Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Glen Watson

Helen Arnold

AIHW (Maternal Health, Children, Youth and Families Unit, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Fadwa Al-Yaman

Conan Liu

Canberra-Goulburn Diocese Catholic Education (ACT)

Phil Pettit

Phil Pettit

Catholic Education Commission (NSW)

Rosalie Nott

Crichton Smith

Catholic Education Commission (QLD)

Malcolm McDougall

Malcolm McDougall

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) Helen O'Brien  Ray Moritz 

Community Services Directorate (ACT)

Kate Starick

Nicole Moore

Melanie Thompson

Department for Education and Child Development (SA)

Ann-Marie Hayes

Research Unit, Department for Education and Child Development

Department of Education (TAS)

Andrew Oakley

Michael Dempsey

Department of Education (WA)

Garry Hewitt

Gail Clark

Department of Education and Communities (NSW)

Amy Birungi 

​Mary Taiwo

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (VIC)

Deidre Missingham

Kim Williams

Department of Education and Training (QLD)

Christopher Kinsella

Damien Killin

Department of Education(NT)

Anna King

David Guy

Department of Health (WA)

Peter Somerford

Peter Somerford

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Stephen Powrie

Michael Hanslip

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ)

Helen Coyer

Rebecca Mckinnon

Independent Schools Tasmania (IST)

Tony Crehan

Terese Phillips

National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)  Anthony Housego Glenn Johnstone

Offord Centre for Child Studies

Eric. K. Duku

Eric Duku

Ashleigh Gaskin

The Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales Ltd (AISNSW)

Tiffany Roos

Peter Hatzidimitriou

The Association of Independent Schools of the ACT Inc (AISACT)

Andrew Wrigley

Kath Morwitch

The Association of Independent Schools of the Northern Territory Inc (AISNT)

Cheryl Salter

Cheryl Salter

Treasury and Trade (QLD)

Antony Skinner

Sandi Van Roo

AEDC Integrating Authority (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development VIC)

Deidre Missingham

Frank Parzinkas